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Innovative Cannabis Solutions

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Innovative Cannabis Solutions (ICS) and Consulting is what we are all about. With 14 years of cannabis cultivation experience, 12 years of analytical laboratory testing experience, and 8 years of manufacturing experience, ICS can help you no matter where you are on the cannabis spectrum.

  • Analytical laboratory testing and raw products verification 

  • Formulation and analytical development activities

  • Complete method transfer and validation

  • Batch record and protocol development

  • Accelerated and long-term stability studies

  • Product packaging considerations that may affect product pH, color, texture, smell, or shelf life

  • Product label design and marketing strategy and materials

Custom Formulations

ICS has unparalleled expertise and years of experience in design and development capabilities for a wide variety of CBD hemp cannabis products. Our product brands, formulated with love and caring consideration to the slightest details, are also available for licensing to dispensaries and other large retailers, distributors and manufacturers. We also have the ability to develop small scale trial batches for you and perform stability and shelf life testing to determine the expiration date prior to raw product testing, manufacturing, and production. 

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With robust quality systems in place, short lead times and superior management, ICS is an International Standards Organization ISO9001 accredited manufacturer and is in the process of becoming certified for FDA Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP). We are not an "anything and everything" type of company and only make products that are truly composed of the highest quality ingredients (organic, natural, non gmo, etc.) and are often fortified with therapeutic-grade essential oils, and the products are formulated to work! With over 12 years of cannabis industry experience, we have relationships that allow us to source the highest quality CBD hemp isolates and broad spectrum distillates extracted in cGMP facilities. Our premium quality phyto-cannabinoid and terpene rich hemp oil is manufactured from American grown hemp that is tested for microbiological contaminates, heavy metals, and pesticides prior to extraction. Our full spectrum, phyto-cannabinoid and terpene rich hemp oil is lab tested to verify its naturally high terpene content that is so potent that not only can you smell the terps in the oil, but the signature aroma is always present in our full spectrum tinctures!


Packaging & Labeling

Starting your own brand, but don't need a manufacturer? Great! Let ICS assist you with getting your brand all packaged up and looking good. We can handle all of your packaging, filling, and labeling needs!. You can bring us your finished product in bulk to package and label, or your already packaged products to us for labeling. Our machines and equipment can accommodate thousands of bottles/jars per day and are available for your service.

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(2 Oz CBD Isolate Pain Creams Pictured Above)

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