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"And God said, "Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food."  - Gen. 1:29 ESV

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Understanding Cannabinoid Medicine

A doctor prescribes drugs and a pharmacist sells them. Here at CBD Center of Texas we only deal with plants and herbs. We offer a variety of products that are infused with oil extracts from the all-natural, God-given, cannabis plant. We sale topical products for pain and inflammation relief that are infused with FDA-approved active ingredients, as well as edible goods that can be potentially helpful in manys ways, not limited to sleep aid, stress, relaxation, and anxiety relief, and even a few products intended for recreational use. Our promise to you is that we will never sell you synthetic cannabinoids that have been manufactured in a pharmaceutical lab, like THC-O, HHC, and other. We only sell products containing naturally occurring, phyto-cannabinoids derived from hemp cannabis plants.

It's interesting how alcohol is primarily derived by fermenting plants, but the plants themselves are not consumed. The manufactured liquid has not medicinal value in its edible form, which is widely consumed for recreational fun all around the world, despite being a known poison. The tobacco plant is typically smoked and smoking it is a known cause of cancer among humans. The plant itself has been used medicinally all through history, although it is primarily used recreationally for its highly addictive primarly compound, nicotine. Neither alcohol or tobacco are prohibited and despite the many deaths and social damage caused by them, they are not referred to as "evil" or even remotely stigmatized in our society. 

Cannabis is not "evil". It is sometimes abused by people, as are many things under the sun. God created and gave us this plant to use (ref. Gen. 1:29), and it is up to us to understand how to use it in ways that are good and potentially medicinal. God does not give his children anything that is bad for us. Instead of vilifying a plant, we should seek to understand it's purpose. Join CBD Center of Texas as we continue learning... Monthly "Understanding Cannabinoid Medicine" learning seminars will be taking place starting in January of 2023!

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